Big news coming out of the WCRA (World Champion Rodeo Alliance)

This morning the WCRA announced their partnership with the IPRA will have an even bigger impact in rodeo. The two will continue to work together in the form of all WCRA events that will be co-sanctioned by the IPRA (International Pro Rodeo Association).

This big news allows any WCRA event winner to apply a total of $10,000 of event winnings toward the 2021 IPRA standings. The minimal restriction that comes with the news is that contestants must be IPRA members at the start of the 2021 season. The first WCRA event that will apply to this announcement will be in May in Corpus Christi Texas.

The news came with the statement from WCRA president Bobby Mote “We are ecstatic to watch the continued growth of rodeo and continue the mindset of improving the sport as a whole.”

It is an exciting time for the rodeo as well as the WCRA and the IPRA!

Photo by Avid Visual Imagery

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