Cowboy Way of Life Goes on with PBR

Photos: Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media

In a world that has succumbed to the paralyzing effects of a virus that has less of a death toll than any of its predecessors, some folks refuse to be influenced.

Over centuries the cowboy way of life has gone on no matter what the situation. Bad weather, no money, crippling heat, bitter cold, no matter what the conditions the farming, ranching, and rural life does not stop. These folks rely on what they do to exist, and, in most cases, other lives rely on them.

It is true that sports are not that important in this world, but sports play a role in the moral of our nation. PBR made a massive statement to its fans and the athletic world by making sure they did what all cowboys do and get the job done no matter what. Regardless of the fear-mongering efforts put forth by massive amounts of media sources, and the focused control efforts of COVID-19 PBR refused to stop being a cowboy.

Cowboys work never ends! Photo: Andy Watson /Bull Stock Media

In Duluth, Georgia the Gwinnett Invitational went on, no crowd no concessions a whole lot less hoopla but the one core factor that makes our rural world special. Cowboys doing their job no matter what the case.

To even better highlight the story Mauricio Gula Moreira, a Brazilian newcomer to the UTB tour laid claim to his first big win here in the U.S... With an 87.75-point ride on Freakin Wicked of David Rodeo Ranch/Fogle Mauricio claimed 20 points in the world standing and collected $3,580.00.

Other impressive performances from night 1 include potential rookie of the year Cole Melancon who managed to grab a 5th place finish on night 1 in Georgia. He put together an 86-point ride on Burn Out of Northcott Macza Pro Rodeo earning himself $850.00 and seven more world points added to his impressive year.

Going into championship Sunday lots of things can change, but one thing will stand true. PBR and the cowboys that make it what it is, refuse to do nothing less than stand up and keep the heritage and traditions alive that make the rural part of this world such a great place.

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