Exciting Kickoff to PBR Team Challenge

Cover Photo: Tope three names from the first team challenge. Photo: Bull Stock Media/Andy Watson

Continuing to set the standard to support sports for fans and paychecks for athletes and staff PBR keeps getting it done.

PBR arena at Souht Point. Photo: Bull Stock Media/Andy Watson

Some key names from last night that stand out were, Silvano Alves, rode Gambini (Dakota Rodeo/Julie Rosen/Clay Struve/Chad Berger) for 85 points, propelling Team Union Home Mortgage to a 337-257.25 victory. Silvano comes in clutch once again and shows he is still a competitor at all levels. Jose Vitor Leme puts on another clinic and rides both bulls, as Jose continues to ride everything he gets on his name is quickly becoming recognized as one of the best.

Jose Vitor Leme Photo: Bull Stock Media/Andy Watson

One name that might be newer to the PBR but not the bull riding world is Stetson Wright. Stetson is the current All-Around Cowboy for the PRCA and a qualifier for last year's NFR in Bull Riding. Stetson was the only one to get one rode which elevated his team to the win.

The team results looked like this.

1. Team Union Home Mortgage, 1-0-0-337 points

2. Team Cooper Tires, 1-0-0-336.25 points

3. Team Las Vegas, 1-0-0--88.25 points

4. Team Wrangler, 1-0-0-257.25 points

5. Team Can-Am, 0-1-0-87 points

6. Team YETI, 0-1-0-0.00 points

Here are the "MVP" Standings

1. Roscoe Jarboe, 2-for-2, 171 points

2. Jose Vitor Leme, 2-for-2, 169 points

3. Silvano Alves, 2-for-2, 167 points

4. Stetson Wright, 1-for-2, 88.25 points

5. Mauricio Gula Moreira, 1-for-2, 87 points

6. Colten Jesse, 1-for-2, 86.25 points

7. Mason Taylor, 1-for-2, 85.75 points

8. Stetson Lawrence, 1-for-2, 85.25 points

9. Luciano de Castro, 1-for-2, 84.25 points

10. Sage Kimzey, 1-for-2, 82 points

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