Home Town Bull Rider has Rough Weekend but Represents

With PBR taking over Kansas City one would not be surprised that the energy from the recent Super Bowl Title has not worn off.

Video Below!!

During this weekend's event, there was lots of reference to the Cheifs recent success in the NFL. One bull rider carried this success as a badge of honor a little more than the rest.

Brady Sims sporting his Cheifs jersey Photo: Avid Visual Imagery Rodeo Photography

Brady Simms has every reason to carry this badge!! His home of Holt, Missouri is less than 100 miles from Kansas City. As a chiefs fan, it seemed only fitting to show his support by sporting a Cheifs jersey over the weekend.

Night 1 during introductions Brady made his pass over the shark cage sporting the red and gold with pride!! The night did not go as he had hoped when Curly Bill bested him in 3.38 seconds.

During night 2 Brady cranked up a notch. As the cameras turned to him as he prepared for his ride the crowd erupted when they saw him sporting a number 19 Chiefs Jersey. Once again the ride did not go as he had planned. Lefty managed to clear Brady from his back in just over 4 seconds. Regardless of the rough weekend Brady Simms represented his favorite team in front of his hometown crowd and did so with the same spark the Chiefs had when the brought home the title.

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