Livestock Owners and Negative Below Temperatures

Wrote by Emma Miller

Photography by Miller Time Photography Co.

Whoever thinks farmers and ranchers get an off season, I am here to tell them they are wrong.

Livestock owners never get a day off even if the weather makes the roads dangerous to drive on. They are constantly working and taking care of their animals to provide to their families and most importantly, put food on our tables!

The cold weather and winter mixes are making up for the simple winter the Midwest was having. The weather the past few months has been rather less stressful, then the weather we are currently seeing. Many livestock owners are seeing below freezing and even negative temperatures.

Livestock owners are going out to feed their animals in this weather. They go out and break ice for their animals. Some may have heated water systems, but they still do not always function properly in the temperatures that we are seeing. Some livestock owners, like cattle producers, may be having cows and heifers calving in this weather. They are dealing with the equipment, like tractors, to help care for their animals.

There are a lot of factors that play important roles that are can be difficult to do in the cold temperatures.

Cattle producers, and all other livestock producers have to be ready at all times to be able to bring in a baby calf or baby goat to help protect them from the cold if their mommas cannot care for them. Some producers even bring them into their homes to warm them up and care for them.

Livestock producers care so much for their animals, no matter the weather conditions.

In most cases, if their mommas cannot take care of them properly the producers will have to help them get their first nutrients, like colostrum. Livestock producers have to have all this stuff on-hand and ready at all times.

During these times, pray for the farmers, ranchers, and livestock producers that are dealing with these temperatures.

During these times, pray for the animals that in the midst of these cold temperatures.

Always thank a farmer/rancher/livestock producer for the steps that they take to make the agricultural industry go-around.

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