Meet our Photographers

Colleen Mcintyre

How did I get into photography?

Photography is a true gift to me, as I never picked up a camera before my brain injury, my creative side of my brain was awakened, and for that, I am forever grateful.

"Railroad Fireman"

I captured this while visiting Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania. A Railroad fireman shovels coal into the furnace & tends to the boiler in this only operating 12 wheel steam locomotive in North America. The engine uses a half-ton of coal for a 45-minute run.


This image is part of a series I was working on. I followed a farrier around for a few months and made a photography book for her as a thank you.

"Proudly We Stand"

This image is from my first Rodeo. The energies I feel from the stock, contestants, as well as the fans, can only be expressed through my work.

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