Meet the Talent

Guillaume and Isabelle Beau de Loménie

We want to introduce you to an amazing pair that have an amazing story. We are VERY blessed to work with amazing people like these two!

The team

We took this photo the very first time we started working with cowboys and cowgirls in 2017. We didn’t know yet how it would work, how these men and women would accept our presence, and our cameras. And like every time we started working on a new topic, we had to learn how to find the right angle, the right time, how to position ourselves, where we could go without disturbing them, and so many other things. In this photo the small group ends up gathering a herd to lead it to the coral where the branding will take place. It was nice and warm. Suddenly they start outlining against the cloudy sky, and it was like a movie scene. At night, looking at this image that hundreds and hundreds of others would follow over the past three years, we realized that we had begun to learn our new job as cowboy and cowgirl photographers. On this photo there is a couple who thereafter welcomed us several times on their ranch to allow us to complete our book project. Wendy Boardman (the blonde ponytail) and her husband, Jared, (to her right) one of the most charming couples we have met, in love with each other, in love with their wonderful children, in love with their profession, in love with their land, their life, in love with Life! Cowgirl and cowboy according to God, cowboys traditions and our Land ones.



I was born in Madagascar, one of the many colonies France used to have in Africa. I love Africa with all my soul. It seems to me that it is only in Africa that I feel completely myself. Africa is my “primal land”… and this probably explains that. When I am at the heart of the savanna, It seems to me that I can feel the time that passes. But with this paradoxical certainty that the place where I am, in the middle of nowhere, hasn’t changed for thousands of years. I can feel this, thanks to God, in many places of our country, especially in this state of Wyoming that I learned to love over the last few years.

The cows from this picture were photographed in Chad. They are Abigar cows, a breed originally from south Soudan. Besides being in Africa, Chad is a country that means a lot to me. As a French Marine, I fought there with my regiment, the famous R.I.C.M (Marine Infantry Tank Regiment) against a pro-lybian rebellion who attempted for many years to destabilize this France’s allied country. I took that picture many years later as I was reporting about duck hunting on the lake Chad for a French hunting magazine. Cows has gathered in the late afternoon on the banks of the lake and there was such special atmosphere specific to the end of the day in Africa, blend of peace and restored breath after the sweltering day, only troubled by the silent brushing of thousands of small birds’ wings come to drink between the legs of the cows. Africa…



1/1000 of second in the life of this horse. And in mine. A tiny fraction of time to capture its expression, so lively and fleeting that it is invisible to the human eye. Magic of the moment! To be at the right place at the right time. Isn’t it the definition of photography?

It is so hard to pick the favorite picture from one’s life even when you have taken thousands and thousands of pictures and when you keep accumulating them… However, I can say that this picture is undoubtedly one among my favorite’s ones because it contains a part of chance that blow my mind!

The scene took place about ten years ago, at the livery of a horse breeder for shows and cinema, about an hour by car from Paris. I was there to do a story about this guy for a French horse magazine, and as always when I am working, I was on the watch for some interesting picture to complete my collection of horse portraits. After a while this horse, a pure-bred Spanish, was released into some horse-riding arena to relax and have some fun before working. He started running around, kicking and bucking as I was shooting at him. Later that same day, when at home I started looking at my work, I found this picture. Since that day, and as said before, I took thousands and thousands of pictures, but this one remains one my very favorite one.

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