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Meged Finishes Round 6 With a 6.8 Second Run

By: Kyndall Hill

Photo Credit: Roseanna Sales

The 2 time NFR qualifier and the 2019 world champion Tie-Down roper, Haven Meged, sees his first round win of the 2020 NFR. Meged had a time of 6.8 seconds, allowing him to win $26,231. Meged has also placed in 2 other rounds, collecting $12,269 from those round placings.

Meged is sitting 5th in the world standings. He is behind Shad Mayfield, the number 1 man, by $72,151.18 and behind Hunter Herrin, the number 2 man, by $5,955.19.

Haven Meged zones in on a calf. Photo Credit: Roseanna Sales

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