MV Outdoors & Hunting and PBR Co-Brand

I sat down with Marc Mortellaro the owner of MV outdoors and hunting we talked about what got him interested in western sports and how his partnership with the Professional Bull Riders has developed into MV outdoors and hunting becoming an official licensee of the PBR. Q: How did you get involved in bull riding and the PBR? Growing up in Virginia I was always amazed by the sport and going to local rodeos and PBR events, after attending MSG event in Jan 2019 and seeing MSG sold out I was blown away by the crowd and said this is NYC and people Love this sport that there were more people at the arena for bullriding then I’ve ever seen for a Knick’s or rangers game. Q: Can you elaborate on what your vision is for the future of MV sports and outdoors? When I started MV I wanted to build a brand that stood behind the values of strength, perseverance and determination, the logo since it was a bull captured right away the western sports population but it was more of what the bull represents as the strongest animal I’m the world and there’s many athletes and individuals in this world who live by those values that the bull symbolizes whether they are hunters, outdoorsman, bullriders, country artists, you name it, I wanted the brand to capture all individuals who can relate to those values that I stand strongly behind as the foundation for MVOH. Q: You have a clothing line coming out with PBR as well. What is the plan going forward with that and when can we expect it? When I launched MV Outdoors & Hunting in March 2019 I had a vision to build partnerships with like minded companies who understood the brand and our values, I could of asked for a better company than the PBR to collaborate with. January 2020 at MSG, 1 year after the idea of starting the brand came into my head we finalized a deal with the PBR as an official licensee. It was an amazing feeling to see how much we have grown in only a year, from buying tickets on stub hub in January 2019 to having VIP credentials a year later , i consider myself truly blessed. Our plan is to continue to build on our values and mission and produce products that connect with people around the globe. the MV/PBR clothing line can be expected to be released on our website in February 2020. Marc and MV Outdoors and Hunting have some of the best bull riders in the world on their team including: Dylan Smith, Marcus Mast, and Shay Marks. Make sure to check out the new clothing line at the link in the article and get to a PBR near you to meet some of the MV riders!

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