New PBR Format Will Raise the Fan Experience

Cover photo: JB Mauney during the PBR World Finals in 2017 by Avid Visual Imagery

With only a few days from the PBR season kicking off the headquarters in Pueblo, Colorado announced the exciting news with a new format.

"The new format will look like this, each competition will be comprised of two rounds. The Top 30 riders in the world will attempt one bull each in Round 1 of the competition, with the Top 12 advancing to the championship round. If fewer than 12 qualified rides are logged in the first round, the remaining positions will be filled on buck off time."

The true thrill for PBR fans will be every night they attend a PBR round they will get to see a championship round. This promises to provide even more thrill each night they crack the chutes.

Photo by: Avid Visual Imagery
Stetson Lawrence PBR World FInals 2017

"The question of how will this affect the points standings here is how PBR explained it.

Riders will be awarded world points for their finish in each round and the competition aggregate. The rider with the most world points at the conclusion of each competition will be crowned the competition winner. One rider will have the chance to earn a maximum of 140 world points at each competition."

"At the conclusion of each weekend of action, the rider with the most world points earned across all the competitions will be anointed the event winner, presented with a Montana Silversmith’s belt buckle, and presented a $10,000 bonus. The event winner will not receive additional world points."

So starting this weekend PBR will have a new look and a new approach that promises to be an exciting change.

Special thanks to the PBR for the update you can learn more at

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