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Orin Larsen Sees First Round Win

By: Kyndall Hill

Photo Credit: Clay Guardipee

The 6 time NFR qualifier and Canadian cowboy, Orin Larsen, has placed in one round and has won a round of the Bareback riding.

In round 7 Larsen rode Calgary Stampede’s Yippee Kibitz for 90 points to win the round. He won $26,231 for the round win.

In round 6 Larsen rode The Cervi Brothers’ Ain’t No Angel for 86 points, placing him 4th in the round and winning him $11,000.

Larsen is sitting 5th in the world bareback standings, $62,830.68 behind the number one man.

Orin Larsen makes riding a bronc look easy. Photo Credit: Clay Guardipee

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