PBR Continues to Make Big History with stop in Del Rio, Texas

Del Rio Texas has a long and impressive history in the sport of Bull Riding. Any time someone talks about the old days it is inevitable that Del Rio will come up in the conversation.

PBR has announced that they will be adding to this storied history. On February 13th and 14th, the PBR Unleash the Beast Tour will make a stop on their American Roots Edition at the famous Val Verde County Fairgrounds in Del Rio.

This stop and the American Roots Edition are the PBR’s vision to bring Bull Riding to the fans amidst the ongoing battle with the COVID 19 Pandemic. PBR had originally set their traditional schedule but due to restrictions were forced to reformulate and find a way to bring the sport to in-person fans as well as fans who watch the PBR on television. The American Roots Edition events are all set at outdoor venues and several of the stops relate to very historical arenas around the southern United States.

The vision of the new edition is that the PBR can host their events at outdoor venues that comply with COVID restrictions one of which is emphasized with being outdoors. In addition to their prevention by having the events outdoors, the PBR is implementing the following strategies to stay within compliance.

In addition to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-informed screenings, all PBR personnel will undergo COVID-19 testing and be required to wear masks.

Social distancing will be encouraged at concession and merchandise stands, restrooms, and other high-traffic areas.

Earlier in the year when the American Roots Edition was announced the PBR had scheduled stops in Arizona at historical arenas but because of restrictions were forced to cancel them. Currently, the tour is based around Texas and Florida where the weather will support winter outdoor events and allow the PBR to stay compliant.

The American Roots edition kicks off this weekend in Ocala Florida and will prove to be an awesome start to the 2021 season.

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