PBR Continues to Roll on in Guthrie, By Skip Ransom

Cover photo: Jose Vitor Leme on I'm Legit Too Photo by Bullstock Media/Andy Watson

Guthrie, OK was home for the Unleash the Beast Tour this weekend. While the rest of professional sports is still sitting in a furlough, the best cowboys and the best bucking bulls battled it out at the Lazy E Arena.

Round one we saw a couple of guys at the top Stetson “firewalker” Lawrence and Lucas Divino both posted 87.75-point rides to take round one wins. Round two was filled with thrills and spills as round two went to Dalton Kassel putting up a huge score of 90.75 to have a sweet pic in the draft. He chooses Bruiser, a matchup we have seen before and Kassel took Sweet Pros Bruiser 7 deep. As the number one man in the event going into the championship round picks a legend and takes him to 7.97. Jose Vitor Leme is the event champion with a 90.75 on Lance Bloyds “I’m Legit Too”.

On the bull side of the house Son of the legendary Air Time, Air Support topped Mauricio Gula Moreira(Gaviao Peixoto, Brazil) in a swift 3.23 seconds to earn a massive 46-point bull score, his third of the year.

Air Suppor has another big out in Gutherie Photo: Bullstock Media/Andy Watson

The top 10 from the weekend were-

1. Jose Vitor Leme, 84.25-87.25-90-261.50-110.5 Points.

2. Cody Teel, 0-86.25-89.75-176.00-68 Points.

3. Dalton Kasel, 85-90.75-0-175.75-59.5 Points.

4. Stetson Lawrence, 87.75-83-0-170.75-35.5 Points.

5. Marco Eguchi, 87-84.5-0-171.50-35 Points.

Tune into RidePass next week as the PBR continues to put live sports on CBS sports!

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