PBR Stepping up for Sports By Skip Ransom

Cover Photo- Sean Gleason helps sanitize for the PBR event. Photo: Andy Watson Bull Stock Media

The Unleash the Beast Tour jumped into action this week at the famous Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, OK. Not only as the toughest sport on dirt, but as the only sporting event happening in all of professional sports.

With every covid19 precaution taken this weekend as the PBR started back up. Facemask, 6 feet in the announcers stand between Matt West and Scott Grover. Bucking chutes wiped down, gearing up outside the arena with strict clearance to those entering the arena.

In a time when everything is closed and everyone is hyper-aware. Hand sanitizer is $3.50 a gallon, health care professionals are putting themselves in the way of a global pandemic. We as Americans are waiting for any sporting event to start again. The NFL draft is the only other sporting type event that is viewable this weekend.

Round 1 winner Taylor Tovas during his ride earlier this year in Oklahoma City. Photo: Avid Visual Imagery Rodeo Photography

PBR, CEO Sean Gleason, and the entire crew at PBR headquarters made a very calculated decision to bring back the best sport on earth. With no fans in the seats similar to Duluth, GA the arena feels more like a practice pen. Watching these guys get on practice bulls and try and stay occupied has been a good way for fans to get a better look at some of their favorite athletes in a different light. With Jess Lockwood, Ryan Dirteater, Chase Outlaw, and Cooper Davis out with injury and events not going on as planned this year have sure changed the face of the world title race for 2020. Taylor Toves, a guy with every mechanical talent to be a world champion, but struggled early in the year to be a consistent contender. Taylor’s efforts paid off in round 1 as he came away with the top spot and 20 world points. The world #2 last season Jose Vitor Leme, gritted out an 8-second ride on Homegrown to round out Night number 1. Tune in tomorrow to RidePass and CBS for the conclusion of the Las Vegas Invitational presented by Union Home Mortgage.

Second place in round 1 Ezekiel Mitchell during his ride earlier this year in Kansas City. Photo: Avid Visual Imagery Rodeo Photography

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