San Antonio Rodeo A Great Winter Destination

Are you looking for places to go and get away from winter?    One place that's a "must stop" on our snowbirding journey each year is the San Antonio Rodeo & Stock Show.   Our first visit to the San Antonio Rodeo was just for a few nights to see the PRCA rodeo action, but when we went there we discovered SO MUCH MORE!     

Here are 5 of the reasons we put 3 weeks in San Antonio every February on our calendar. 

1)    It's the total package.   From great entertainment, to great food & drink, great vendors to great nightlife, great rodeo to great livestock shows and even a museum and hall of fame - there is absolutely something for everyone!   It's easy to get tickets, it's easy to drive around (even if you're just a farm girl from Clutier, Iowa - population 292), and it's easy to find a place to stay (hotels or RV parks)  that's close!     They have a great app that helps you know what's going on, helps you find things -- and it even has a game called Rodeo Guess that you can play at the rodeo and win some great prizes! 

2) The last weekend of the fair they have an amazing Junior Agricultural Mechanics Show.    Held the last weekend of the Stock Show & Rodeo, the Junior Agricultural Mechanics Show focuses on Texas 4-H and FFA members’ expertise to design and construct agricultural mechanics projects and tractor restoration projects. A variety of projects are constructed by these talented exhibitors including livestock equipment, trailers, and agricultural machinery.  It's AMAZING!   There are beautiful fire pits; outdoor furniture, smokers (of every shape and size) -- and I even saw a very clever set up for working cattle!    We always spend hours walking thru this show and talking to the high school students who created the displays! 

3) The people are amazing.    From the volunteers that come from all over the country, to the people attending the Stock Show & Rodeo, to the vendors working in their booths -- everyone is friendly and interesting.     

4) The fashion!    Many of the people who attend the rodeo "dress" for the rodeo -- and I have to tell you -- there's lots of times when I feel like I'm walking around on the set of Gunsmoke! I love that men wear a pair of high flashy cowboy boots with their jeans tucked in, a nice shirt, a vest, a wild rag and a cowboy hat!    Many of the women are decked out in heirloom turquoise /native american jewelry and vintage outfits.  For the record -- you don't have to "dress vintage" to attend this event -- as with everything  -- Anything Goes! 

5) There's plenty of places to sit!    I don't know about you -- but when i go to big fairs or exhibits -- my feet always end up hurting after a few hours of exploring -- no matter what shoes I wear!   THen I look around for a place to sit and take a break -- and all the chairs are full!    The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo has plenty of places to sit (some inside, some outside).    There's lots of tents with live music, tables and chairs and we've met great people when we were just hanging out!   

We'd love to hear what your favorite parts of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo are -- or if you have questions -- just put them in the comments below and we'll chat!      Becky Monroe 319.621.4810

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