Skip Ransom Talked Andrew Alvidrez in February, He Makes his mark in March

Back in February Skip Ransom with our Chuttin’ the Bull segment talked about a talented young bull rider out of Seminole, Texas.

In this great piece, Andrew Alvidrez talked about how he had big expectations for the 2020 season. The fact is Andrew had already shown himself to be one to watch, in 2019 he had several impressive showings, so the stage was set for a good year.

Well to no surprise he got his shot and took advantage. This past weekend Andrew got the call to compete on the elite tour of Bull Riding. A call to the Unleash the Beast Tour is the bull riding equivalent of being called up to the majors in baseball. This honor happens to several guys each year and many of them do not manage to stay. Andrew has no intention of going back down to the “minors” or Velocity Tour.

Andrew Alvidrez take Lockdown to the whistle for 85 points Photo: Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media

In Little Rock Arkansas Andrew made his stroll into the spotlight. In round 1, Andrew matched up with Lockdown and the two put up a respectable 85 points finishing 6th in the round. In round 2 Andrew again made his statement when he matched up with Non-Profit for 87.5 points for 3rd place tie with Ramon de Lima.

The championship round did not go as well for Andrew, he drew Hocus Pocus who is notorious as one of the top bulls in the industry. With a 2.84-second buck off the weekend ended. However, the statement had been made and the precedence had been set. When the curtain came down on the Bad Boy Mowers Mowdown in Little Rock, Arkansas, Andrew Alvidrez found himself sitting second for the event. As one of only two cowboys to cover 2 bulls he finished behind Ramon De Lima who went perfect on the weekend.

In round 2 Andrew Alvidrez gets the job done on Non-Profit for 87.5 points Photo: Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media

Walking away from Arkansas, Andrew had catapulted himself to number 23 in the nation and secured himself a place on tour for the foreseeable future. Provided he can ride this wave on to the next several events, we just might see this young cowboy under the bright lights of Vegas in November.

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