PBR Global Cup ahs been settled and America has laid claim.

A great weekend of bull riding brought a lot of surprises. Team Canada and Team Australia made impressive runs this year on the back of great teams.

Team Brazil had their share of shining moments, Jose Vitor Leme put on a show and kept Brazil in it all the way up to the final bonus round. The team showed a ton of grit just did not have the weekend to put together the win.

Team Mexico had a rough weekend overall, in no way was their lack of success based around a lack of effort or talent. Several members of the team had strong rides started but fell short of finishing for a score.

Team Wolves of the U.S. is another team that truly put it all out there but just did not have a great weekend. This team battled through the adversity of a banged-up team but still made a respectful performance.

In the end it was Team Eagles from the U.S. who reigned supreme, behind a great night 1 performance from Jess Lockwood and a very respectful night from Cole Melancon Team Eagles went into day 2 in the lead.

Day 2 was all Cole Melancon, with a clinch ride in the last section his hot streak was enough to lead the Team to the win.

With a stellar performance at Global Cup right after his monster win in Los Angeles Cole has made his monster statement in the PBR.

Next week PBR heads off to St Louis, MO while the Ranch Rodeo and Agriculture team heads to Lockney, Texas for Miniature Bull Riders!!

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