The Mindset Of A Cowgirl

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

By: Emma Miller

"It's all about mindset," says Makenzie Higgs. She's the only woman to compete in the 2020 Working Ranch Cowboys Association (WRCA) World Championship.

Makenzie is from Cedar Point, KS, where her family owns and operates the Lonesome Pine Ranch. At 19, Makenzie has grown up working and running the ranch alongside her father and brother.

When she was just 13, she started competing in the WRCA and surrounding ranch rodeos as part of her family's Lonesome Pine team. Makenzie was able to get involved since it's what she does on the ranch daily.

Makenzie has strong influences and even stronger support from her father and brother. Her dad helped her learn to ride while her brother taught her the tricks of roping.

Makenzie said, "We read each other's mind whether it's penning cattle, sorting or doing whatever needs to be done. We just click well."

She's grateful for their patience while she continues learning.

The WRCA World Championship was held November 12-15, 2020, in Amarillo, TX, at the Amarillo Civic Center Complex. The WRCA was established in 1996 and celebrated its 25th year of ranch rodeos this year. The Lonesome Pine team placed fourth overall with Makenzie's brother, Troy, receiving Overall Top Hand.

The Lonesome Pine's team includes Makenzie, Troy, dad Bud, Bo Krueger and Travis Duncan. While Krueger and Duncan are not officially family, they help on the ranch and compete at other ranch rodeos in Kansas. Both have tremendous potential the Higgs family wanted to include on its team.

Preparing for a ranch rodeo consisted of regular chores and everyday happenings. Makenzie's biggest preparation is telling herself she can do it and making sure her nerves don't interfere with the competition. Being able to ride her best horse, Lippy, makes everything better when it comes to her nerves in the arena though. Lippy is 8-years old with no buck and super-calm when being in a crowd as big as the World Championship. Makenzie and Lippy have the same mentality which makes for a perfect team in and out of the arena.

One of her favorite parts of the WRCA is helping her team by roping in the stray gathering. She's able to use what she's learned over all these years and put it into play on the big stage.

Makenzie is not just one of the dressed-up ladies running through the grand entry. She is making an impact on the abilities women have in the ranching world.

Congratulations to the Lonesome Pine team on competing at the WRCA World Championships and to Makenzie for her self-confidence and being the only woman to compete in the event!

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