The Race To The Gold Buckles

By: Kyndall Hill

Photo Credits: Roseanna Sales and Clay Guardipee

Round 5 is complete, meaning we are halfway through with the 2020 NFR performances. Here is a look into how the World standings are looking!

In the Bareback riding, Tim O'Connell is leading by $32,266.38. O'Connell has won 1 round and placed in 2 other rounds.

In the Saddle Bronc riding Wyatt Casper is leading the world by $38,878.90. Casper has placed in 3 rounds and has a round win.

Wyatt Casper focuses on spurring one. Photo Credit: Roseanna Sales

In the Bull Riding, Ky Hamilton is currently leading the world by $1,078.11. Hamilton has placed in 4 rounds.

In the Steer Wrestling, Matt Reeves is leading the world by $9,878.80. Reeves has 1 round win and has placed in 1 round.

On the Heading side of Team Roping, Dustin Egusquiza is only leading by $177.74. Egusquiza has placed in 1 round and has 2 rounds wins.

On the Heelers side of the Team Roping, Travis Graves is leading by $11,881.68. Graves, being Egusquiza's heeler, has also placed in 1 round and won 2 rounds.

In the Tie-Down roping Shad Mayfield is leading the world by $66,662.22. Mayfield has only collected a check from 1 round placing.

In the Barrel Racing, Hailey Kinsel is leading by $18,390. Kinsel has 3 round wins and has placed in 1 other round.

Kinsel and Sister turning tight. Photo Credit: Clay Guardipee

It will be a tough fight for some of these contestants that do not have a huge lead in their event.

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