Two Time World Champion, Kinsel and Sister, Continue To Work

By: Kyndall Hill

Photo Credit: Roseanna Sales

The four-time NFR qualifier, Hailey Kinsel is working hard toward another gold buckle. Kinsel has placed in 3 out of 4 rounds so far, with 6 performances left to reach her goal.

In round 1 Hailey Kinsel won first with a time of 17.18 seconds, winning $26,231. In round 2 she ran a time of 17.09 seconds, placing second and winning $20,731. In round 3 she had a time of 17.63 seconds, hitting a spot of bad luck and missing out on placing top 6 and the money. In the 4th round, Kinsel had a strong comeback with a time of 17.09 seconds, placing her in first place and winning $26,231.

Hailey Kinsel and Sister concentrate on turning the barrel tight. Photo Credit: Roseanna Sales

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